Thirty-three ECD principals from Paarl joined the Ranyaka and Inceba Trust teams in an interactive workshop yesterday. We took a look at progress made since the launch of the Proud of my Town fund in June 2017 and planned for the next year!

We also mapped the challenges we need to tackle together going forward – and more importantly, the principals brainstormed ideas on how they can harness the resources at their disposal to overcome obstacles and meet urgent needs.

Wrapping up the programme, the principals all received fire extinguishers, first-aid kits and safety signage for their ECD centres. This means that all 40 crèches that form part of the programme now have all the safety equipment they need to not only make their centres a safer space for the children, but to qualify for fire certificates.

Ashley Stemmet from Khusela Ikhaya Project demonstrated the power of the intumescent (fire-retardant) paint used to protect wooden ECD structures and Neil Cupido gave a demonstration on how to use a fire extinguisher. The principals will all receive follow-up training.

Thank you to the Nedbank team from Paarl and Nina Wellsted from head office who joined us for the day! Thank you also to Tiffany’s Community Centre for the use of their venue and Moira and her team for the fantastic lunch!