The elderly are amongst the most vulnerable members of society. Sadly, physical neglect and psychological abuse of the aged is far more common than one realises.

Addressing this issue, Yomelela Club, a senior citizens organisation in Zwide, hosted an Elderly Awareness Day for 45 of their club members during the month of June 2022. The Department of Health shared important information around hygiene and self-care.

Representatives from the SA Police Service raised concern about the increasing number of cases of domestic abuse and violence against the elder in the community. Also present at the event were representatives from the KwaZakhele Community Policing Forum.

Elderly care forms part of Ranyaka’s People Care & Development programme – one of ten programmes that we are implementing in 21 communities nationally under the umbrella of the Nedbank Proud of my Town initiative.

Thank you to Nedbank for sponsoring the venue hire, branded T-shirts for the club members and PPE for the event.

More awareness needs to be raised around the plight of the elderly – and community-based organisations, rallied to step in and offer support to those who are all too often left helpless. Do you work with the elderly? Do you know of organisations in your community who support projects serving the aged? Tell us more. Let us learn from one another!

Zwide is one of 21 communities in 9 towns in 8 provinces that is part of Nedbank’s Proud of my Town initiative. Ranyaka is the national implementation agent for PoMT.