One of the topics raised at a community meeting in Lantana, Paarl today, was that of stones. Too many stones and rocks lying around in the streets, on the sidewalks, on the playground.

So the question arose: What does one do with so many stones?

One could carry them away, but where to? It’s pricey to transport loads of rocks to dump them elsewhere. The group came up with ideas to use these stones to create – street art, functional objects like stone-and-concrete benches, rock gardens.

The conversation then turned to how collections of stones carry meaning. They become monuments, testimonies to events, gathering places, places of ceremony.

They need not be obstacles or a nuisance. They can be turned into something useful, even beautiful.

And so, on a philosophical note, we learned today from the people of Lantana that when life gives you stones, build something.

Build something beautiful.

Lantana is one of seven towns that is part of Nedbank’s Proud of my Town initiative. Ranyaka is currently working in close collaboration with Impact Funding Platform, Valcare to roll out a rapid repair programme in the area.