“Because place has such power to shape, we must be mindful of how we shape our places.” These words by Doug Sikkema emphasise the importance of creating and maintaining physical environments that contribute to our physical, mental, emotional, as well as social well-being.

As an urban planning enterprise, Ranyaka is passionate about implementing place-making projects that give communities a sense of place where they can celebrate local culture. Rapid repair projects or tactical urbanism, as these interventions are known, are all about creating safe and inclusive physical spaces where people can prosper – in every sense of the word.

These projects could include anything from cleaning a park, painting a feature wall, putting up a new fence, creating a community sidewalk garden or placing creative seating in a communal area where residents can gather. Fix Your Space projects build community pride, encourage social cohesion and a sense of local ownership and can even reduce crime. Because clean, safe spaces change the investment sentiment around an area, these projects could also create opportunities for investment by or contributions from local businesses.

The story of the little vegetable factories

An old tyre, a few discarded plastic shopping bags, a two-liter plastic cooldrink bottle and enough soil to fill the tyre to create a little vegetable garden – this is what you need to create what Steven Barnard from NuNet calls the “Garden of Life”, because with...

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Building communities together

Ranyaka is excited to announce that BUCO Hardware, a division of The Building Company, is embarking on a journey with us as we tackle Fix Your Space and Land & Property projects that will help create places where people can prosper – in every sense of the word....

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From neglect to nurture

What does one get when you have a large-but-unloved piece of open land, next to a school with a proactive principal, a community that cares and partners with vision? A beautiful transformation that is already unfolding into one that holds the potential to enrich the...

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Diamonds in the dust

Farming for the Future takes root in Klapmuts As the harsh impact of lockdown regulations continue to expose - and often exacerbate - the many disparities within our society, there are still diamonds to be found in the dust and dirt of the COVID crisis. One such...

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Stacking stones

One of the topics raised at a community meeting in Lantana, Paarl today, was that of stones. Too many stones and rocks lying around in the streets, on the sidewalks, on the playground. So the question arose: What does one do with so many stones? One could carry them...

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Rapid Repair (tactical urbanism) in Lantana

Last week, a team of volunteers from Lantana, Paarl hit the streets to conduct a survey of their neighbourhood: What is working, what is not; what is beautiful, what is not. What can we do quickly, easily and at very little cost that will make a big difference?Ranyaka...

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