Last week, a team of volunteers from Lantana, Paarl hit the streets to conduct a survey of their neighbourhood: What is working, what is not; what is beautiful, what is not. What can we do quickly, easily and at very little cost that will make a big difference?

Ranyaka is working in close association with Valcare to implement the Rapid Repair Project. There is a movement across the world known as ‘tactical urbanism’ in which residents take on the job of rapidly improving their communal areas. We are part of this movement.

Five groups of volunteers each received a map and a survey form. They walked the streets, interacted with the local residents and made notes of the conditions of structures, sidewalks, road signs, public facilities.

“Sometimes the smallest things we do for our neighbours can have the biggest impact.” – Lantana community member

Our objective is always the integrated, sustainable upliftment of places in a way that engages and activates the local community. It makes all the difference when committed citizens take up the responsibility to help transform the places where they live, learn, work and play.

This is only step one in the overall process to tackle Lantana’s challenges and broader community workshops to be held at a later stage will give the residents of Lantana the opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas around the future of their neighbourhood.