Imagine being 10 years old and bullied at school because your socks don’t match, your school dress is worn out or you don’t have the right jersey. Imagine skipping school altogether because you can’t exactly attend class in your pajamas.

This happens and the effect is potentially devastating. Khula Development Group works to bring children who have dropped out of school or are at high risk of doing so, back into the school system.

Surprisingly, a major reason for absenteeism and school drop-outs is simply that the child doesn’t have the proper uniform and as a result, is either bullied by his/her peers or is simply too embarrassed to go to school.

In support of Child Protection Month 2018, Ranyaka has – thanks to our primary funder, Nedbank – committed its support to Khula to buy the school clothes needed by 80 children in 13 of the schools where Khula works in Paarl and surrounds. That’s eighty children who were at risk of having their futures sabotaged because of something as simple as a few items of clothing. No child should sabotage his or her future because of a pair of socks.

To the Khula team, keep up the great work and thank you for your commitment towards protecting our children – and not only in physical terms. Thank you for protecting their futures.

Thank you, Nedbank, for making this donation possible.

Paarl is one of several areas that forms part of Nedbank’s Proud of My Town – a holistic approach to integrated, collaborative and sustainable development in towns and neighbourhoods.

NOTE: Photo is for illustration purposes only. The girl in this photo is not one of the beneficiaries of this donation.