Healthy physical activity, the kinship found in teams led by positive role models and self-expression through creative arts have the power to boost individual and community well-being.

Sport, art and cultural activities are powerful tools in the building of strong, resilient communities. They offer a positive outlet where youth can spend their free time; reduce levels of crime; contribute to physical and emotional health; introduce positive role models; and facilitate community engagement and interaction. Ranyaka works with local organisations in the areas of sport, art and culture to help strengthen communities through:

  • Establishing sports clubs and informal leagues/supporting existing clubs

  • Supporting campaigns and events

  • Facilitating access to training for coaches and instructors

  • Sourcing funding for equipment

  • Repurposing urban vacant spaces for safe sporting/recreational activities

  • Introducing sport, art and cultural programmes to communities as identified through networking sessions

Sport changes lives

Forty players from the Kanyamazane Hockey Club in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province are the proud owners of brand-new uniforms following a sponsorship by the Proud of my Town programme. Each of the four coaches also received tracksuits and PoMT will also be sponsoring...

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From neglect to nurture

What does one get when you have a large-but-unloved piece of open land, next to a school with a proactive principal, a community that cares and partners with vision? A beautiful transformation that is already unfolding into one that holds the potential to enrich the...

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A boost for Boland Rugby

Last weekend, the community of Klapmuts was buzzing with excitement as 16 talented rugby teams from 11 primary schools across the Boland played their hearts out at the Klapmuts Sports Ground. This was the fourth annual Junior Rugby 7s tournament - established by...

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A sporting chance

Sport unifies, energises and creates a healthy platform for community interaction. Last weekend, 16 cricket teams and 16 netball teams from Lantana participated in a four-day sport tournament organised by a local team of volunteers who are driving a sport programme...

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Klapmuts Bootcamp on the move

Energy, passion, encouragement and plenty of laughter are all part of the experience at the Klapmuts bootcamp! Last week, the Ranyaka team had the privilege to watch this energetic and dedicated group of Klapmuts residents in action when we visited the bootcamp...

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In conversation with Magalies Arts Co-Op

Magaliesburg has always been known as a haven for artists and a treasure trove of talent spanning a wide range of artistic mediums. Recognising the immense potential for the town’s artists to benefit from collaboration and for their work to be showcased on a broader...

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