The story of Magaliesburg is a story of hope.

The town of Magaliesburg in Gauteng has a long-standing reputation as a tranquil weekend breakaway spot, a haven for artists and a treasure trove of heritage in the form of the Cradle of Humankind. Yet by 2012, like so many other small towns in South Africa, Magalies found itself sliding steadily into a position of declining economic growth and increasing neglect.

In November 2012, recognising the immense potential of the town, the soon-to-be-founded Ranyaka team together with a group of community members, launched the Magalies Development Initiative (MDI). What has unfolded in the town over the past six years is truly a testimony to the power of citizen-led development, collaboration and growing trust within a diverse community.

In 2014, Nedbank came on board as a major funder of the MDI. The bank continues to support development in the town through its Proud of my Town initiative. The journey continues and much remains to be done on the path towards transformation.

Magalies is showing us that an activated community can make it happen.

R1 million milestone for PoMT COVID-19 relief

Over the past five months, the Proud of my Town (PoMT) programme has invested over R1 million towards a host of relief and recovery interventions in 13 communities across seven provinces. Ranyaka has been rolling out the multi-faceted PoMT programme in a growing...

Building Business in tough times

Recovery and Relief Programme for Community Entrepreneurs The Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted the South African economy. Thousands of micro, survivalist and small enterprises are amongst those who currently find themselves in a dire position. In response to...

The fight against COVID-19 in Magaliesburg

As part of the fight against Covid-19 in the area, the West Rand District Municipality launched its public spaces sanitizing programme in Magaliesburg last Wednesday. Work continued this morning after rain halted the process over the weekend.

 Ranyaka's local...

Building Business in Magaliesburg

Our very first product showcase for community entrepreneurs in Magaliesburg had our team scurrying for (plenty of) extra chairs when more than double the number of RSVPs registered to participate on the morning of the event! A whopping total of 54 entrepreneurs from...

Building resilience before fire season

Every winter, veld fires threaten lives, property, livestock and wildlife in the Magaliesburg region. This year, our local lead co-ordinator in the town, Ryan Marsden took the initiative to host a pre-fire season fun and training day. The day's programme included...

Happy feet, happy future

Last week, 700 pupils from Mphe Thuto Primary School in Magaliesburg received brand-new school shoes and stationery thanks to Making a Difference South Africa who approached the De Beers Group for a sponsorship. Ranyaka's local lead co-ordinator in Magaliesburg, Ryan...