The journey of Ntanto Gas started in December 2016 when Mzomuhle Mzimela started a business to leave a legacy for his family. When he passed away in 2019, his daughter, Zama, stepped in to ensure that her father’s dream lived on.

For Zama, this was about more than taking on a family business. She wanted to make a difference and contribute to her family’s future. She left her job and learned the ropes of the gas industry at her father’s side. Her father’s wish was for her to lead the business, and that’s exactly what she did.

Leaving a career in the corporate world behind and immersing herself in the gas industry might sound like a big leap, but Zama couldn’t be happier. She loves her work and the journey of being an entrepreneur.

Every business faces its share of challenges, and Ntanto Gas has had to overcome challenges of its own. The riots and looting that hit KwaZulu-Natal in 2021 posed a significant threat to their operations, nearly crippling the business.  In addition to providing overall capacity-building and guidance on running one’s own business, the Nedbank-funded Ranyaka Building Business programme played a significant role in Ntando restoring and reopening their shop following the looting. Amongst the array of modules covered by the programme was that of stock management, which led to Ntanto gas stocking a greater variety of gas-related projects. 

Ntanto Gas is not your ordinary gas filling business. It is an example of great customer service and female entrepreneurship. Zama specialises in gas refills and exchanges, and offers high-quality gas appliances. However, what truly sets Ntanto Gas apart is her commitment to customers. For the Ntanto Gas team, it’s not just about profit – they are committed to ensuring their customers’ safety and satisfaction. Zama’s focus on customer service has resulted in a loyal customer base that extends beyond financial transactions.

Looking ahead, Zama has big plans for Ntanto Gas. She has dreams of expanding the business by opening branches in different parts of KwaZulu-Natal to reach even more communities. Another priority is acquiring delivery vans to improve their customer service by providing efficient gas delivery.

The Ranyaka Building Business Programme has been a game changer for Ntanto Gas. It has not only put the business in the spotlight, but has also made it more recognisable in the community – visibility that has played a crucial role in the business’s growth and success.

Zama takes great pride in her business journey. From the challenging times before her father’s passing to the resilience she displays when times are tough and the growth they have achieved so far, Ntanto Gas has become a well-known brand that testifies to the power of hard work and determination.

For small business owners, balancing personal life and work can be quite demanding. Zama’s advice is simple yet profound: time management is crucial. At times, the personal life might need to take a back seat to prioritise business. The dedication sometimes means working long hours without a day off, but the rewards make it all worthwhile.

Zama’s advice to those aspiring to become entrepreneurs is to be patient. The journey isn’t easy, especially considering the challenges like load shedding and economic instability. However, with patience, determination, and the willingness to adapt, Zama believes that success is possible.

Today, Ntanto Gas Filling Station testifies to the strength of family, community, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Zama and her team are fueling success and making dreams a reality, one gas refill at a time.

Images: Ocean Driven Media