Three years ago, Onicah Theledi began a new journey as an entrepreneur by turning her love for wellness into a business. The story of Optimal Balance Mobile Spa speaks of resilience, commitment, and a strong desire to heal.

Onicah was a massage therapist and reflexologist at a hotel outside Tshwane when she lost her job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this setback, Onicah recognised opportunity in the midst of the challenges she was facing. What Onicah envisaged was a mobile spa that could offer healing treatments to people in their homes.

A go-getter by nature, Onicah believes tough times can spark transformation. As the pandemic highlighted health needs, she expanded her audience using social media (and especially Facebook). Through the support of her local community, her client base grew from just a few customers to a solid 20 each month.

Onicah’s business received a significant boost from Ranyaka’s Nedbank-funded Building Business programme. It enabled her to upgrade her marketing, boost brand recognition, and enhance customer relationships, helping her business to stand out in a competitive market.

Optimal Balance is not just a mobile spa anymore. It is also a place of rejuvenation where different spa treatments and natural products are used to help with issues like chronic pain, stress-related sleep problems, circulation issues, and hormone imbalances.

Their services range from Swedish, aromatherapy and deep tissue, to hot stone massages, and specialized treatments like reflexology, Indian head massages, facials, foot peels, and pedicures. Being mobile and located at Tshwane Regional Mall makes them easy to reach, with safe parking that attracts more customers.

Onicah believes that their use of pure oils and exceptional customer service is what makes Optimal Balance special. Her vision for the future involves growing her business into a full spa, hosting wellness events, creating jobs, and even starting her own hotel. She also dreams of having a product lab and programmes that empower young people and women in business.

Looking back on her journey, Onicah stresses how crucial it is to know yourself and keep a balance while handling the challenges of running a business. She encourages those who want to start a business to plan carefully, mentioning that while it takes bravery, it also brings a lot of satisfaction.

Onicah’s path is about helping people feel better, making them stronger, and uniting the community through wellness. She believes in the positive impact of feeling good and wants to empower everyone around her. Every wellness session contributes towards the creation of a stronger, happier community!

Images: Lizelle Lötter Photography