In navigating the tumultuous landscape of South Africa, both politically and socio-economically, we acknowledge the prevailing sentiment of uncertainty about the country’s future.

However, at Ranyaka, we consciously opt for an alternative outlook; not from naivety, denial, or ignorance, but rather inspired by a growing wave of ordinary South Africans undertaking extraordinary feats. 

Through our work, we witness daily a new generation of talented entrepreneurs and on-the-ground change agents demonstrating the power of active citizenry and collective action.

Our commitment is to a place-based, people-centered, and citizen-led approach. The Ranyaka framework activates the inherent strength within towns and townships, guiding communities to self-organize around shared goals.

From DNA mapping workshops to supporting local action groups, we facilitate projects that align with a holistic development plan for each area. Exploring innovative technology, we aim to empower communities to drive transformative change.

Our collective team of urban planners and community development specialists has witnessed the profound transformation that unfolds when policy, meticulously crafted plans, robust platforms, skilled backroom support, and engaged citizenry synergize.



It is our firm belief that hope lies within the grasp of the people, serving as the driving force behind every endeavour. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for accompanying us on this journey.


We consider ourselves fortunate to collaborate with an extensive network of partners spanning diverse sectors. Special acknowledgment goes to pioneering investors like Nedbank, whose Proud of my Town initiative has been instrumental in opening doors for Ranyaka. As a result, we’ve successfully partnered with 28 communities in 12 towns and cities, extending our impact across eight provinces.

The ethos of Ranyaka lies in the resilience and strength of communities, and we are committed to navigating the journey of transformation alongside the people we serve. Together, hand in hand, we look ahead with optimism, knowing that the path to a better future is built step by step, and we are privileged to walk this path with you.

Thank you for your support and partnership in our shared commitment to bring about positive change in the lives of individuals and communities across our beloved country.

Sithembiso Malevu

Chief Executive Officer