Markets hold a special place in our hearts. They bring communities together and offer a platform for local entrepreneurs to shine. On Saturday, September 30th, the Proud of My Town Umlazi team, in collaboration with Umlazi Tourism, continued their mission to foster community growth through the Umlazi Market Day.

This vibrant event marked the third in a series of mini-markets which followed the success of the Umlazi Market and Sports Festival held on 6 May 2023. At its core, this market was designed to empower small entrepreneurs, providing them with a stage to showcase their products and make a positive impact on the Umlazi township economy.

One exciting addition to this market was the introduction of a new voucher system, designed to enhance the shopping experience for all attendees. In the lead-up to the event, three activation programmes were held. The first program focused on familiarising entrepreneurs with the voucher system, while the second and third programs concentrated on distributing vouchers to the public through various marketing channels.

Our collaborative efforts to promote the event were truly remarkable. We joined forces with Mangosuthu University of Technology’s radio station, distributed flyers at five local petrol stations and taxi ranks, and even showcased the market at the Heritage Day event hosted by Umlazi Tourism. Our marketing efforts extended to radio platforms like Izwilomzansi FM (thanks to a Nedbank-funded slot) and Ntokozo FM (courtesy of the Center for Community Development).

On the day of the market, the Ranyaka team compiled a database of all traders, to consider them for onboarding into the Building Business programme. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) also made an appearance, recording over 200 registrations for the upcoming 2024 elections. This was a huge win in terms of civic participation. Nedbank’s business banking team, led by Ms. Carol, engaged with all vendors and introduced them to the Pocket Port Campaign for small business banking. This partnership commitment ensures a bright future as Ranyaka links Nedbank’s Business Banking to the Proud of My Town’s market entrepreneurs’ database.

But the day wasn’t just about business; it was also about creating memorable experiences for everyone involved. Market attendees had the chance to enjoy the 360 Camera Shot Experience, courtesy of Umlazi Tourism. The magic of the day didn’t go unnoticed, with vendors and customers sharing their videos far and wide on social media. Durban Tourism and eThekiwini Business Support were both integral in making this market a success.

The Umlazi Market Day continues to gain popularity, and we’re excited to witness its growth as it further enriches our community.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!