In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, computer literacy is becoming increasingly important. From basic computer skills like using a mouse and keyboard to more advanced skills such as programming, being technology-savvy can open up countless opportunities in both personal and professional settings. Many jobs require some level of computer proficiency – and even jobs that don’t seem technology-focused may require the use of basic computer programmes and tools.

As part of Ranyaka’s People Care and Development programme, we seek to support initiatives that help prepare individuals for the job market – especially in light of our country’s high unemployment rate. On 18 April 2023, we had the opportunity to donate a router, data and food parcels to an after-school programme run by the Lebone Women Empowerment group in Boitekong township in Rustenburg (North-West province).

The Lebone after-school programme accommodates 20 adult students and 60 learners under the age of 17, and provides classes in basic computer literacy skills on a rotational basis due to the limited number of computers. The organisation also facilitates accredited level 1 and 2 classes for unemployed adults.

This donation was made possible by the Nedbank Proud of my Town programme, for which Ranyaka is the national implementation agent. Boitekong is one of 27 communities in 8 provinces across South Africa that forms part of the Proud of my Town network.
If you would like to get involved or perhaps help support the work that the Lebone Women Empowerment group is doing in Boitekong, please contact Basetsana via email at