Sometimes words fall short. And today is such a day.

Words fall short to even begin to describe the journey of the CoCreate Hub Stellenbosch – a journey to transform an old, disused municipal clinic into an inviting space where entrepreneurship is celebrated, local talent is showcased and connections are forged.

We opened the doors to the CoCreate Hub exactly one year ago – on 27 July 2021.

This unique space in central Stellenbosch is so much more than an economic development hub for local entrepreneurs. It is increasingly becoming a place of deep connection. Meaningful conversations. Courageous dialogue. A place of equipping and empowering. A place of friendship.

We could truly write a book on everything that has happened under this roof over the past year. It has been an incredible journey – incredibly exciting and yes, often, incredibly exhausting. We have seen ups, downs, smiles and tears. We have seen growth – much of it, on a very personal level in the lives of the people who frequent this space.

This is more than a great spot for coffee, free wi fi or a tasty meal. More than a deli, a gift shop, barber, hairdresser and beauty space. More than a training and meeting room. More than a function venue.

The Hub is becoming all we envisioned it to be – and more. And we know that the best is yet to come.

To every one of you who have been part of this amazing journey and still are, thank you.

To every one of our funders and donors who made this transformation possible, thank you. These include the Industrial Development Corporation, BUCO South Africa, Nedbank, Entersekt, Stellenbosch University and the Jannie Mouton Foundation. Thank you to the Stellenbosch Municipality for entrusting this beautiful heritage building into our care.

Thank you to every Hub fan for your loyal support.

And to the great team who work incredibly long hours to keep the Hub wheels turning, a big thank you. You are the heartbeat of the Hub and we see you. We appreciate you.

Here’s to the second year in the CoCreate Hub story. If you haven’t visited us yet in Stellenbosch, you are officially invited.

Tonight, we are grateful.

We will be sharing more about the Hub journey over the course of the next month. Because whilst words fall short, this is a story that deserves to be told.

The CoCreate Hub is a project that forms part of Ranyaka’s Building Business programme.