Did you know that for the past two and a half years, the Nedbank Greenbacks Programme has been making it possible for clients to support community development in South Africa – and it still is!

This means that if you are a Nedbank client who has joined the Greenbacks Rewards Programme, you have the option to donate your Greenbacks to the Nedbank Proud of my Town initiative that is being implemented in 21 communities nationally by urban planning social enterprise, Ranyaka Community Transformation.

What is Proud of my Town?

Proud of my Town (PoMT) is a holistic community transformation initiative, created by Nedbank, in partnership with urban planning NPO, Ranyaka Community Transformation. The initiative was launched in 2016 and forms part of Nedbank’s ongoing commitment to the well-being and positive socio-economic development of all South Africans.

What is the Greenbacks programme?

Nedbank Greenbacks is a money management programme that encourages clients to make good banking choices – and rewards those smart choices. This means that if you are using your Nedbank card to make payments, or make smarter banking choices by banking using digital platforms, you can earn Greenbacks points when on the programme.

 You can then use your Greenbacks to pay for value-added services, pay for your monthly bank fees, withdraw them as cash from any ATM  and shop instore or online with the Nedbank Greenbacks Shop Card – or of course support the worthy cause of your choice, one of them being the PoMT initiative!

How to join the Greenbacks Programme

  • If you are a Nedbank client already, join the Greenbacks Programme on the Nedbank Money app by tapping ‘Join Greenbacks’ under ‘Rewards’.

  • Download the Greenbacks app and log in using your Nedbank ID.

  • Choose the packages linked to your different Nedbank products or accounts to help you manage your money.

To redeem your rewards:

  • Swipe through to your Rewards tab

  • Select Greenbacks

  • Click on “Redeem”

  • Select “Donate to a community” and make your donation using your Greenbacks points. This donation is converted to cash and donated to the Nedbank Proud of My Town initiative.

How are your Greenbacks spent?

If you selected the ‘Donate to a community’ option, your Greenbacks support a wide range of programmes in 21 communities nationally. These range from small business support and community safety to Early Childhood Development and relief efforts for vulnerable communities.

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for more updates on specific projects that have been made possible thanks to Nedbank clients donating their Greenbacks.

For more information about Proud of my Town, visit www.ranyaka.co.za/proud-of-my-town

For more information about Nedbank Greenbacks, visit https://bit.ly/aboutgreenbacks

Proud of my Town is a first-of-its-kind holistic community transformation initiative, being implemented in 7 provinces by urban planning social enterprise, Ranyaka Community Transformation. The Nedbank-funded initiative pursues lasting, postive socio-economic transformation in communities nationally.