The recent looting of malls in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng has threatened the survival of hundreds of small businesses. In response to this crisis, Ranyaka in collaboration with the Nedbank Proud of my Town programme has launched a relief and recovery intervention to assist 200 of these businesses to get back on their feet.

The support could take various forms – ranging from the repair of damaged structures (refurbishment) and the replacement of shop fittings and equipment that has been looted or damaged beyond repair to the restocking of shops, financial assistance through grants or loans; and emergency financial relief for business owners facing adversity.

The Nedbank Proud of my Town programme sponsored clean-up campaigns in Umlazi and KwaMashu (KwaZulu-Natal), as well as Mamelodi and Kathorus townships in Gauteng. Local coordinators mobilised volunteer teams and joined citizen-led initiatives to assist with the cleaning up of malls and the surrounding areas.

Joining forces with Fix Forward

The relief and recovery intervention also sees Nedbank and Ranyaka collaborating with Fix Forward, a national social enterprise aimed at creating opportunities for entrepreneurs from lower income areas.

Fix Forward has launched a campaign under the name Restore SA which will match volunteer mentors with small businesses affected by the looting. Restore SA will also be raising funds to assist these businesses. Ranyaka will administrate the disbursement of this funding to businesses in the affected areas.

The key objective is to support small businesses that do not have insurance, savings or support structures in place. These business owners need to continue providing for their families, whilst at the same time, start rebuilding their businesses so that they can continue earning, employing, and contributing to the local economy.

The next phase of the intervention will entail the roll-out of a Fix Your Space project (beautification and restoration of a public space) in each of the affected towns.

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