Community. It has become such a loaded term in our society. And the textbook answer would be that a community is a group of people who find themselves living within the same geographical area.

That’s it. Plain, clear and very simply defined.  Is it really just that? I don’t think so.

Today I saw another definition of community that just can’t be confined to a textbook or dictionary. A word, created by the people who give it life.  The people who breathe hope and  emotion into a term that can be the saving grace of many issues we find in our world today.


With lockdown looming, two community members from Jamestown and a local NGO saw that stockpiling was just not going to be possible for many families who live there. They sometimes barely even get through the day, how were they going to get through 21 days of not knowing where the next meal was going to come from? Anelle Gordon and Dean Lindoor, the two community members along with Arnold Okkers from Usiko, mobilised a campaign in search of support for a food distribution initiative they had very little time to plan.

A local business owner, community members and the neighbourhood watch, all heeded the call and together, they made the seemingly impossible happen. Within a matter of 2 days, they managed to (with the help of a large donation from a business owner and donations from the community) buy and package 100 food hampers to be distributed to families within the community identified through the NGO and various church and other organisations.


Jamestown is no different to other communities. We’re not special or have talents that other communities don’t have. We. Yes, I live here too, did something that others do all around the world on a daily basis. Every day, communities come together to make things happen. To organise events, campaigns and to offer help where it’s needed most. And without knowing it, they give a new definition to a word, that should be loaded. Loaded with faith, loaded with hope, loaded with joy and pride and loaded with people. People who not only live within the same geographical area, but who love the same things, who work toward the same goal and who want to see each other happy.

We might not always agree on everything and we might sometimes argue about the most miniscule things. But when it matters most, we do what needs to be done to make sure that everyone within our geographical area is okay…

This was a citizen-led initiative. Ranyaka and its sponsors did not contribute financially to this relief effort. Amy Levendal, our Stakeholder & Relationship Manager, participated in this voluntary drive to support her community and here, she shared the story. At Ranyaka, we love sharing the news of what communities are doing – amongst themselves, for their people. Please share your stories with us. Let us inspire others to do the same! Well done, Jamestown! Keep up the great work.