“Unity creates influence and unity creates a voice. We cannot see transformation happen unless we have influence and a voice.”

These powerful words are by Neil Hart, Executive Manager of Mergon Foundation, sponsors for the Church mapping workshop hosted by Ranyaka in Stellenbosch last week. The Church has a critical role to play in making a difference in our communities.

Ranyaka works with many stakeholder groups to inspire involvement in social justice activities, either corporately or through their members. This workshop was held in collaboration with Mergon and the South African Christian Directory to get a clear picture of church-related programmes in Stellenbosch communities, identify needs that could be met by the Church and create a platform for future collaboration.

Where to start? Neil articulates it so well.

“Transformation has to happen first in the human heart. Then, it has to happen through unity. It’s one thing for my heart to be changed and my family’s heart to be changed, but unless we as different families and different individuals come together and decide that we will be unified in the common pursuit of something, we won’t see transformation happening.”

We look forward to the journey ahead – seeing hearts transformed towards compassion and generosity and seeing the fruit of strong partnerships and networks as all stakeholders in communities unify around a common agenda.