Twenty five entrepreneurs participated in Friday’s product showcase held in Stellenbosch. From catering to construction, transport to technology, bin cleaning to braai wood; and logistics to garden services, the scope of services on offer and entrepreneurial drive of the group impressed the team of evaluators who interviewed the entrepreneurs to determine which kind (and level) of support they require to grow their businesses.

The support of entrepreneurs and promotion of economic inclusion are amongst the key focus areas of Ranyaka’s development model. Working alongside other enterprise development partners, we aim to assist local micro and small business owners to grow their businesses through the facilitation of incubation, training, providing access to market and inclusion into local supply chains.

Our product showcases are the first step in this process.

A big thank you to representatives from the Stellenbosch Municipality, Nedbank, Labit, Stellenbosch Crafts Alive and the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) for joining us to interview these dynamic entrepreneurs.

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