On Friday, the Ranyaka and Valcare teams met with stakeholders from the community of Klapmuts to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the area. This is one of many conversations that will still take place as we partner with the community to help tackle the issues they have identified – and explore the possibilities of what could be.

The journey towards sustainable change in our towns and neighbourhoods is both challenging and inspiring. And we never travel alone. Local stakeholders – community members, ward councillors, businesses, churches, NGOs, schools and local government institutions are our fellow travellers.

Dialogue, ongoing communication, intensive network-building and strong local partnerships have always been key to Ranyaka’s Protocol. Thank you to every one of you who took time out on a Friday afternoon to make your voices heard and thank you to Klapmuts Primary School once again for the use of your facilities.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list to attend future meetings and workshops on the Klapmuts process, please contact us at admin@ranyaka.co.za.

Klapmuts is one of several areas that form part of a Nedbank initiative to help bring about integrated and sustainable transformation to our towns and neighbourhoods. Thank you, Nedbank, for making it possible for Ranyaka to do what we do.