Yesterday, Ranyaka in collaboration with Impact Funding Platform, Valcare and sponsor, Nedbank, hosted the second Dwarsrivier Valley stakeholder meeting. This meeting is part of a broader process to look at ways in which we can all play our part in developing and uplifting the valley.

The Dwarsrivier Valley falls within the area covered by Nedbank’s Proud of my Town programme – an innovative response to the need for holistic, integrated and collaborative transformation of communities.

Ranyaka is the implementing agent for this programme. Thanks to the support of funders such as Nedbank who – in addition to funding specific projects – are taking a big-picture approach to tackling the development challenges facing our country, it is possible for Ranyaka to help bring solutions to specific areas at no cost to the communities.

Ranyaka’s role and mandate is to facilitate collaboration amongst the stakeholders who are already doing great work in the area; who live and work in the valley – and those who would like to invest in the future of the area.

The mapping of existing projects on a Geographical Information System platform which will be accessible to any interested parties will serve as a useful tool not only to inform role players of what is already being done in the area, but also to guide decision-making around future projects and investments.

This is an inclusive process and will include extensive collaboration with and input from all the local communities that call this beautiful place their home. We look forward to exploring the immense potential of the valley – and tackling its challenges – together.

Thank you also to Lydia van Rooyen from the Wildlands Conservation Trust for her presentation on the important work that their organisation is doing in the valley to rehabilitate, protect and preserve the river – a vital resource in the Western Cape water system.

A big thank you to Boschendal for making their facilities available for yesterday’s meeting!