“When life gives you the scorching heat of the sun, be hopeful for the rain too”- Anonymous

Mankweng is found in the Capricorn District and Polokwane Local Municipality, within the Limpopo Province. From the scorching sun to beautiful sunsets, Mankweng is undeniably home of the aspiring community champions who believe in the power of collaboration and preserving their rich culture. Whilst challenges such as employment and the lack of viable economic activities threaten to dislodge the potential of this town, songs of hope echo the streets of Mankweng with the sanguinity that tomorrow will come bearing prospects for a better future.  

When life hands you dirt, plant seeds

A community's quest to achieving sustainable development through regenerative agriculture. "Achieving food security is a major priority in our village and through initiatives such as the greenhouse project, we are well on our way to achieving that goal." These are the...

R1 million milestone for PoMT COVID-19 relief

Over the past five months, the Proud of my Town (PoMT) programme has invested over R1 million towards a host of relief and recovery interventions in 13 communities across seven provinces. Ranyaka has been rolling out the multi-faceted PoMT programme in a growing...

What about the children?

Over the past four years, Nedbank's Proud of my Town (PoMT) programme has invested over R1 million towards supporting Early Childhood Development centres. With the ECD sector hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and a nationwide lockdown, PoMT made it possible for us...