Wherever we work, we hear the stories behind the statistics. Crime and violence are wide-spread, threatening the most vulnerable members of society, affecting community well-being and hampering the development of towns and neighbourhoods. The only way to tackle this challenge, is together.

Communities have a critical role to play in ensuring their safety. We partner with local role players in the safety arena and, most importantly, residents to help raise up communities that can self-organise around a common goal, work together effectively and present a united front against the forces that threaten them. Unity and local buy-in is critical.

Working with local authorities, teams of residents and community safety experts such as MeMeZa, Ranyaka develops safety plans for neighbourhoods that include projects such as:

  • Mobilising relevant stakeholders (Community Policing Forums, neighbourhood watch groups, police and ward councillors)

  • Mobilising relevant stakeholders (Community Policing Forums, neighbourhood watch groups, police and ward councillors)

  • Improving safety through the design (or re-design) of the physical environment

  • Identifying crime hot spots through surveys conducted by community members and then selecting the right locations where security systems can be installed

  • Providing public project noticeboards where security information can be shared

  • Developing response and data management plans so that incidents reported can be reacted upon timeously and data that is captured, can be fed back into the overall programme to improve its effectiveness

  • Activating control rooms to respond to alarms

  • Installing (through service providers) and distributing safety lights and alarms. We work closely with MeMeZa in this regard.

From neglect to nurture

What does one get when you have a large-but-unloved piece of open land, next to a school with a proactive principal, a community that cares and partners with vision? A beautiful transformation that is already unfolding into one that holds the potential to enrich the...

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Hello, Port Elizabeth!

Proud of my Town (PoMT) has spread its wings to the township of Zwide in Port Elizabeth and last week, we had the privilege of working with Ubuntu Pathways to help bring relief to vulnerable families in need. Thanks to the Nedbank Proud of My Town fund in Port...

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The fight against COVID-19 in Magaliesburg

As part of the fight against Covid-19 in the area, the West Rand District Municipality launched its public spaces sanitizing programme in Magaliesburg last Wednesday. Work continued this morning after rain halted the process over the weekend.

 Ranyaka's local...

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Our hands can harm. But our hands can also heal.

The message is clear. Wash your hands, do not touch your face, do not shake hands. It is easy and natural, in times like these, to feel helpless and to wonder about what one could and should be doing to make a difference. We would like to urge NGOs, NPOs, faith-based...

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Do you see me?

Numbers can numb us. We hear big numbers about big problems. Hundreds of thousands victims of abuse, addiction and violence. Hundreds of thousands unemployed, unskilled and desperate. We hear the numbers, but the faces behind those numbers and the stories of those...

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Joining forces to protect our children

Over the past few weeks, the Ranyaka team has had the privilege of working with several NGOs in Kayamandi to raise awareness around this year's Child Protection Week. This photo was taken at our first meeting and does not include everyone that now forms part of the...

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