Davene Pool grew up in Idas Valley and, in her words, was far from being a ‘girly-girl’. Growing up in a house with only boys, she remembers a happy childhood and being spoilt by all members of her family.

‘When you look good, you feel good’

Fate had other plans, though, and she soon discovered her passion for beauty and making women feel good about themselves. “When one looks good, you feel good too. It’s also no secret that beauty treatments do not come cheap,” she says. That’s why Davene would like to offer ladies in her community (and beyond) affordable beauty treatments. Her promise to every client will always be that ‘Davene Pool Beauty Studio is the perfect place where you can sit back, relax and be pampered!’

Crafting confidence

After matriculating, Davene took a gap year and worked in the retail industry for a year to gain some work experience. She then enrolled at the prestigious Isa Carstens Academy in Stellenbosch, where she completed her studies in 2014.

“I have almost five years’ experience in the industry and have worked for the likes of Placecol Skin Care Clinic and Sorbet,” she says. Davene loved her full-time jobs, but knew that she wanted to do her own thing and be in control of her own schedule. And so her first space – a dedicated room in the house in which she grew up – became her studio. Here, she loves meeting new people and seeing the confidence her craft creates for others.

All hands on deck

As the business started to grow, she spread her wings to a new home for Davene Pool Beauty Studio in January 2019. Davene is proud of, and thankful to her father and fiancé who were involved hands-on in setting up her fresh new space. “They built many of the wooden furniture pieces you’ll see inside the studio,” says Davene.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

These words by Archbishop Desmond Tutu are what kept her going during lockdown. “For the beauty industry things were really tough. Business is business – and one has to go on,” she says.  Luckily for Davene, she is a planner. “I live with my parents, so I don’t pay rent. I’m not married (just yet), I don’t have a lot of debt, I know that the beauty industry is a bit more quiet during winter months – so in this way I always save up for the lean times,” she says.

“Stay humble, do what you love”

“My advice to anyone taking on a new venture is to stay humble and to do what you love,” she says. “It is not always easy – you need a support network – and this is why I’m so thankful for my family and to be part of the Ranyaka community. Their workshops really helped me a lot. I must also say that their mentorship programme during the lockdown was a game changer. Someone checking in, encouraging you and giving advice really made all the difference,” she says.

‘Never stop learning’

Staying on top of the latest developments in the beauty landscape is also something that Davene finds important. “I would love to learn more and do more courses – and in the long run I would love to expand my business and appoint someone. Furthermore, another branch of Davene Pool Beauty Studio in the future would be very cool,” she says.

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Davene Pool is a participant in the Ranyaka Building Business programme.