The character and culture of any town is reflected in the way in which physical structures in the area and land are developed. Well-developed areas owned by local residents contribute to the building of wealth. To this end, Ranyaka works with local investors to develop and repurpose buildings and land to the benefit of the local community.

This is a relatively new service line in the Ranyaka portfolio. We would like to increasingly partner with communities and investors to:

  • Identify residential and commercial development opportunities

  • Identify residential and commercial development opportunities

  • Develop under-utilised open land

  • Investigate micro-solutions for informal settlement areas

  • Support and promote land development for small-scale farming / agripreneurship purposes

  • Address food security through urban farming initiatives; and

  • Repurpose old or vacant buildings for e.g. commercial activities or community hubs


One of the topics raised at a community meeting in Lantana, Paarl today, was that of stones. Too many stones and rocks lying around in the streets, on the sidewalks, on the playground. So the question arose: What does one do with so many stones? One could carry them...

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Last week, a team of volunteers from Lantana, Paarl hit the streets to conduct a survey of their neighbourhood: What is working, what is not; what is beautiful, what is not. What can we do quickly, easily and at very little cost that will make a big difference?Ranyaka...

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