The character and culture of any town is reflected in the way in which physical structures in the area and land are developed. Well-developed areas owned by local residents contribute to the building of wealth. To this end, Ranyaka works with local investors to develop and repurpose buildings and land to the benefit of the local community.

This is a relatively new service line in the Ranyaka portfolio. We would like to increasingly partner with communities and investors to:

  • Identify residential and commercial development opportunities

  • Identify residential and commercial development opportunities

  • Develop under-utilised open land

  • Investigate micro-solutions for informal settlement areas

  • Support and promote land development for small-scale farming / agripreneurship purposes

  • Address food security through urban farming initiatives; and

  • Repurpose old or vacant buildings for e.g. commercial activities or community hubs

When life hands you dirt, plant seeds

A community's quest to achieving sustainable development through regenerative agriculture. "Achieving food security is a major priority in our village and through initiatives such as the greenhouse project, we are well on our way to achieving that goal." These are the...

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The story of the little vegetable factories

An old tyre, a few discarded plastic shopping bags, a two-liter plastic cooldrink bottle and enough soil to fill the tyre to create a little vegetable garden – this is what you need to create what Steven Barnard from NuNet calls the “Garden of Life”, because with...

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Building communities together

Ranyaka is excited to announce that BUCO Hardware, a division of The Building Company, is embarking on a journey with us as we tackle Fix Your Space and Land & Property projects that will help create places where people can prosper – in every sense of the word....

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Invitation to quote – Stellenbosch Economic Hub

Local contractors are invited to quote for the refurbishment of the old Victoria Street clinic in Stellenbosch. Ranyaka was awarded a ten-year lease by the Stellenbosch Municipality in 2019 to transform the disused clinic building into an entrepreneurial development...

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From neglect to nurture

What does one get when you have a large-but-unloved piece of open land, next to a school with a proactive principal, a community that cares and partners with vision? A beautiful transformation that is already unfolding into one that holds the potential to enrich the...

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Diamonds in the dust

Farming for the Future takes root in Klapmuts As the harsh impact of lockdown regulations continue to expose - and often exacerbate - the many disparities within our society, there are still diamonds to be found in the dust and dirt of the COVID crisis. One such...

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